MYZONE is an innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort. Becca Mclachlan Fitness Studios is a registered MYZONE studio where clients wearing MZ-3 heart rate monitors can view their exercise sessions whilst they are training.

Their workout appears on the screen at the studio in colour-coded tiles, so they know precisely what heart-rate zone they are training in at any given moment during their workout, allowing them to put in optimum effort to obtain maximum results. This data is recorded within the clients online personal activity report, which they can access either through their personal page on the MYZONE website or the free MZ-3 smart phone app. The MZ-3 can also be worn for activity away from the studio and workouts can be viewed live via the free MZ-3 smart phone app.

Becca also teaches Zone-match group exercise sessions at the studio using spinning bikes. In Zone-match clients wear their MZ-3 monitors and follow a programme which appears on a screen taking them through different heart rate zones to achieve maximum fitness results and fat burn. The great thing with Zone-match is it doesn’t matter what fitness level clients are as each heart rate monitor is programmed to the individual. So in Zone-match sessions clients are not competing with anyone else, just themselves to stay in the right training zone. By using this link Becca Mclachlan Fitness Studios clients receive £50 discount on MZ-3 monitors
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