Small Group Fitness Training

Small group training is a cost-effective way to experience the benefits of training with Becca in a fun and friendly environment.  All sessions need to be booked in advance.

Book and pay for individual sessions or to save money on training and purchase a monthly course package. Course packages can be made up of any combination of Small Group Fitness or Small Group Yoga sessions that are on the monthly timetable.





  • Single session £12
  • 4 Small Group sessions £40
  • 5 Small Group sessions £50
  • 8 Small Group sessions £75
  • 12 Small Group sessions £110

Terms and conditions – All Small group sessions need to be pre booked. Monthly course packages need to be purchased in advance on or before your first visit to the studio each month, otherwise each session will be charged as an individual session. 24 hours notice is required if you need to cancel any sessions and Becca will always do her very best to find you a replacement session within the calendar month, unfortunately any unused sessions can not be carried over to the next month.

Small Group Fitness Level One (SGF1)

A great mix of cardio training using machines, combined with strength, conditioning and toning intervals.

Small Group Fitness Level Two (SGF2)

Varied sessions which may include, HIIT, boxing drills, kettlebells, spinning, cardio machines and free weights.

Small Group Yoga (SGY1)

Mondays 6pm and Fridays 10.15am

These sessions are perfect for beginners or those that prefer a gentler pace. In these classes you will learn to establish a deeper awareness of your breathing and will be guided through some basic yoga asanas (postures) and begin to explore some simple floor and standing flow sequences. With special attention on alignment, technique and how to enter and exit the asanas safely. 

Small Group Slow Flow Yoga (SGY2)

Mondays 6.45am, Wednesdays 7.15pm and Thursdays 12.30pm

Each session begins with pranayama (breathing practice) followed by mobilisation to warm up the body before moving on to slow vinyasa sequences to help build strength and flexibility. Each class finishes with some juicy stretches which stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to promote deep relaxation.

​Small Group Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga (SGY3)

Sundays 10.15am

​These sessions are designed to improve stamina, strength and flexibility. They combine pranayama techniques, long thorough warm-ups and creative standing sequences that are intelligently weaved together. In these sessions you will also be introduced to basic arm balances and inversions. Each class concludes with slow seated and lying sequences, ending in savasana (corpse pose) to promote a great sense of relaxation in the mind and body. The atmosphere created in the classes is both joyful and meditative.​  

Private Group Training

Becca Mclachlan Fitness Studios also gives the option of booking your own private group session so you can train with friends, family or work colleagues. email for further details, prices and availability.