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I’ve been running successful Health & Weight Loss Programmes for over three decades and have helped hundreds of men & women of all ages improve their health, change their eating habits & lose weight.

In 2017 I took a break from running the programmes so I could focus my energy on opening my second studio Yoga Tree.

During this break I experimented with various styles of eating including Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian and the Eat & Drink What Ever You Fancy Diet!

For me personally none of these styles were sustainable or worked long term. I ended up coming back full circle to what I’d always believed in and what I knew worked ‘Clean Healthy Eating’

I’ve continued to study and a ‘Healthy Clean Diet’ is still the way forward, but what has become more and more apparent is that it’s not just the food that we eat that’s Impacting Health, Crushing Immunity and Preventing Weight Loss but also many other factors.  

The 4 Primary Factors being.

Toxic Overload

Nutrient Deficiencies

Chronic Long Term Stress

Lack Of Strength & Muscle.

Over 21 Days I will share information to help you start to address all of these factors.  

About The Programme

There are Two Eating Plans, one which focuses on improving Health and the other on improving Health and Weight-loss.  

Whichever eating plan you choose to follow the idea of the programme is to help you create healthy habits, you will be eating a Clean Diet avoiding toxic highly processed food & drink. Cutting out gluten and dairy as much as possible and eating lots of fresh healthy produce, it’s actually very easy and very tasty to eat like this when you know how. There is no weighing, measuring or calorie counting. You just need to be prepared and fill your cupboards and fridge with healthy food. 

When you sign up you will receive

Start up information – Shopping list, Two eating plans and a Recipe book along with tips on how you can start making some small changes before you begin. 

Throughout the 21 days you will receive an email each day with advice and tips on how to Improve Your Health, Boost Your Immunity and assist with Weight Loss if that’s one of your goals. If you have any questions or need my help you can contact me via email.

 ✅ Option to join me for exercise online via Zoom on Mondays at 10am & Fridays at 8am.

Cost £97

To Keep updated on the next 21 course Email [email protected]