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Help Ease Back Pain With These Simple Yoga Stretches

Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Our postural habits, stress, sitting for too long, lack of exercise and also the position that we sleep can all be factors that cause those little back niggles we get from time to time. Here are four simple yoga stretches that you can do […]

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Becca Mclachlan’s Survival Guide for Christmas

Christmas is a time when people often go way overboard with their eating habits, indulging in unhealthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and these bad habits make us lethargic and can set us back months in our health and weight loss goals,” MY Top Ten Tips to help boost your energy and keep you […]

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Ski Fitness

It’s at this time of year that thousands of people start dusting off their snow boots and head for the slopes of the Northern Hemisphere.  Packing the right kit is essential, but there is only so much an expensive pair of ski boots and skis can do. By following the right exercise routine prior to […]

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