Becca Mclachlan’s Survival Guide for Christmas

Christmas is a time when people often go way overboard with their eating habits, indulging in unhealthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and these bad habits make us lethargic and can set us back months in our health and weight loss goals,”

MY Top Ten Tips to help boost your energy and keep you on the straight and narrow over the festive period.

1. Eat your Breakfast

Even if you have been out the night before, or over indulged a small protein rich breakfast/brunch will balance your blood sugars, boost your energy and help you to avoid the chocolate box later in the day.  Try gluten free porridge check the label though for added sugars make with unsweetened almond milk for an added boost stir through some chai seeds, chopped nuts or blueberries. Lean bacon, mushrooms, tomato, poached egg and spinach is another great option or omelettes filled with chicken and vegetables.

2. Drink plenty of water

Water will boost your metabolic rate, help break down your food into energy and keep you looking fresh and well. Try a mug of warm water with lemon in the morning, this will help to alkalise the stomach and settle your PH levels important when you are eating a lot of rich acidic food throughout the day. Drinking peppermint tea throughout the day will also help with your digestion

3. Keep your body moving & get active

So we all know that over the festive time it is about relaxing with family and friends, watching films and sitting by the fire. You might not be able to stick to your usual exercise routine but if you’ve got an exercise bike or rowing machine at home after completing a steady warm up on either of these machines try 8 high intensity bursts of activity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds recovery, this short HIIT workout will help to speed up your metabolism and set you up for the day. Also try to get out in the fresh air as much as possible for a brisk walk or gentle jog as this will increase your energy levels and help you feel so much better.

4.  Limit your Caffeine

Although caffeine will give you a short term boost, you will then begin to rely on it and feel more tired when the effect has passed and then need more. Try to avoid caffeine after 12pm.

 5. Have a power nap and good sleep

We often have too many late nights out during the festive period, so take the time to have a quick power nap for about 15-25mins to re-energise your mind and body.  Avoid napping for over 30mins as this is proven not to be as effective as for a shorter period of time. Plan at least a few evenings where you are in bed by 10pm to allow your body to physically and mentally repair. Bedtime teas are great for aiding a decent nights sleep I recommend Dr Stuarts Valarian and Yogi bedtime.

6. Alcohol                                                                                                                            

All alcohol contains sugar and is an addictive toxic substance that makes us hang on to our fat cells. Drinking alcohol will make you crave carbs and sugar the next day. It can cloud your judgement and make you do things that you’ll regret, damage your health and upset blood sugar levels as well as spiking cortisol levels (your stress hormone) It has no nutritional value and because we often loose our inhibitions when we’ve had a few drinks, we can end up making the wrong choices and eating unhealthy food, leading to a double whammy of unhealthy behaviour.  If you want to avoid looking like a Christmas pudding in January then limit your alcohol intake. Opt for clear spirits such as vodka with lime and soda or gin and slimline tonic. I know you’ve probably heard it before but avoid drinking on an empty stomach, alternate your alcoholic drinks with glasses of water and have another glass of water before you go to bed. Your head and body will thank you the morning after!

7. Up your Vitamins

Make sure you plan some healthy meals in amongst all the festive food so you get all the vitamins and minerals you need to boost your immunity and keep energy levels high! Green vegetables, chick peas, brown basmati rice will all provide Vitamin B12, folic acid and magnesium which are essential for energy. For an extra boost for your immune system I recommend having a Greens drink each day.

8. Stand Tall

Watching lots of TV, eating indulgent food and spending more time in heels can cause your posture to suffer.  Think of zipping your pelvic floor muscles to your tummy button in, and pulling towards your lower back and gently clench your buttocks. Then lift your rib cage up and relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath and as you breathe out lengthen your spine by imagining there is an elastic cord coming from the top of your head lifting your posture, you can do this sitting,  standing, walking into a party or cooking the food! Good posture will make you look and feel good.

9. The big day

Christmas dinner should be enjoyed, lean turkey and loads of veg is actually a really healthy meal, try to avoid piling your plate high until you’re fit to burst. Listen to your body when it tells you it’s full instead of having ‘just one more roast potato’. If your will power fails you then don’t beat yourself up. One indulgent meal won’t make you fat just as one healthy meal doesn’t make you slim! It’s when that one indulgent meal turns into a week, and then two weeks that problems start occurring.

10. Have fun and be kind to yourself 

Sometimes Christmas is challenging for people so make sure you are kind to yourself, and do things that work for you. Its a given that we are going to eat more food and drink more alcohol over Christmas. Allow yourself to have fun, spend time with people that make you feel good and enjoy the festive time. If you make wise decisions there is no reason why you can’t come out the same weight and fitness level as you entered into it. And if not what are New Years resolutions for? If you need help getting back on track after the festive season you can now join my online Metabolic Booster Programme any day for more details visit


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